The Heart Emoji Was The Most Used ‘Word’ On Social Media In 2014


The Global Language Monitor in Austin, Texas released its list of the most used words on the Internet in 2014, and the most popular one isn’t actually a word at all. It’s a heart emoji.

The heart emoji is apparently used billions of times per day on the World Wide Web and across social media. As such, it beat out actual words like Ebola and vape for the top spot. Hashtag, photobomb and clickbait were also high on the list.

Last year’s most used word was 404, which connotes an Internet error and is also not really a word.

According toPaul Payack, the president of Global Language Monitor,

The English Language is now undergoing a remarkable transformation unlike any in its 1400 year history its system of writing, the alphabet, is gaining characters at amazing rate.These character are ideographs or pictographs that are called emoji and emoticons.

It seems the popularity of emoji will only continue to grow in the new year. Currently, there are 722 officially recognized emoji. In 2015, 250 more will bemade available to the public.

It’s quite interesting to see language hascome full circle in some way and we’ve partially returned to using pictograms as a means of communication.

Emoji are basically the hieroglyphs of the Internet. Only time will tell if their use continues to expand.

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